Novices Avancés *

 cowboy strut ..  easy does it ..  black horse ..
 cotton eyed joe  ..  beer for my horses..  jff (just for fun) ..
 electric slide ..  bare essentials ..  cliché ..
 window on the world ..  celtic ct ..  deck 51 ..
 first cha ..  rio ..  river county stomp ..
 cucaracha ..  lover please come back   ..  roomba ..
 skee bumpus ..  country two step ..  wanna be me ..
 cut a rug ..  jambalaya ..  not like that ..
 get down the fiddle ..  turn it up..   ..jambalaya express
 love trick ..  macca mambo..  caught in the act ..
 western barn dance  ..  ..dancing violins  warriors ..
 louisiana strut ..  rock around the clock ..  all day long ..
 duck soup ..  all shook up ..  black betty..
 easy come easy go ..  spirit ..  the world ..
 walk of life  ..  do wop be doo be doo  priority ..
 broken stone..  Live laugh and love....  still in love..
 crawfish and pie..  Mexican Vacation..  a gigolo..
 sunny day ..  Celtic connection..  Good Time..
 cheyenne ..    Galway girls..
 clap your hands ..    Cry to me..
 god blessed texas..    She's not..
 O² Step ..    Cannibal stomp..
 DHSS..    Doctor Doctor..
 Boot Scootin' Boogie..    Bomshell stomp..
 Stealing the best..    
 Irish stew..    
texas waltz , cotton eyed joe mixer , jambalaya express, rumba stroll

 La Chapelloise   Leaving of Liverpool  The Right To Remain Silent
 cowboy strut ..  wishfull thinking..  cripple creek..
 cucaracha ..  the spirit ..  bomshel stomp ..
 cotton eyed joe  ..  jambalaya ..  pot of gold  ..
 celtic slide   ..  western barn dance..  old friend ..
 i want to sing..  jungle freak ..  Zjozzy's Funk ..
 god blessed texas ..  good time ..  kill the spider ..
 cowboy boogie ..  i want to sing..  island in the stream ..
 stealing the best  ..  wave on wave ..  ballymore boys ..
 easy come easy go ..  sweet sweet smile ..  fais dodo ..
 irish stew  ..  baddaboom, baddabang..  she's not (frankie)..
 jailhouse creole ..  kid rock alabama..  doctor, doctor ..
 hooked on country ..  texas waltz..  cowboy up !..
 cheyenne ..  burning love..  razor sharp  ..
 unlock my heart..  addicted to love..  irish spirit  ..
 window on the world (frankie)..  bossa nova ..  celtic tribute..
 coastin  ..  country two step ..  lollipop..
 western barn dance..  celtic connection ..  the world..
 good time ..  make it up..  clickety clack ..
 boots..  rindin' ..  show me wot u got ..
 tush push ..  tailgate ..  celtic kittens ..
   cowboy ..  jff (just for fun)..
   crazy foot mambo ..  stretch your legs..
   come and dance with me..  duelling dancers ..
   dancing violins  ..  cherry poppin' ..
   2 hell and back ..  drowsy maggie  ..
   beer for my horses..  
   tequila ..  
   fisher's hornpipe  ..  
   your place or mine..  
   redneck woman ..  
   the trail..  
   paddy's reel ..  
   billy's dance ..  
   wild stallion ..  
   duelling dancers..  
   devil in disguise..  
   all shook up ..  




 One Step Forward

Lord Of The Dance

 Electric Slide

 Tush Push

 Honky Tonk Stom

 Live Laugh & Love

 rainy night ..

 country two step ..

flobie slide..

 beer for my horses..

 cowboy charleston ..

 bare essentials ..

 la chappelloise   ..

wishfull thinking..

texas stomp..

mexican vacation..


the trail..

 cotton eyed joe 

 dancing violins  ..

some beach..

 all shook up ..

 coastin  ..

 cannibal stomp ..

 easy come easy go ..


 god blessed texas ..

do wop be doo be doo..

do the line dance..

 fais dodo ..

 seminole wind ..

 jambalaya ..

 cheyenne ..


 hooked on country ..


black horse light..


something easy..


 skee bumpus ..


cowgirl twist..


wild heart..


 cowboy strut ..


rock around the clock..


 jailhouse creole ..


 celtic slide   ..


 red hot salsa ..


livin' or love..


southside shuffle..


mountain mama..


reet petite..




cowboy cha cha..


 skatter shuffle  ..


 irish stew  ..


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