Ici, retrouvez les chorés apprises il y a des lustres,
ou tout simplement l'an dernier... 

  Lindi Shuffle    Another Country         
  Cowboy Madison    Roll in the Hay            
  Hurry Up Slow Down    Cabo San Lucas
  Cowboy Charleston     Ave Sau              
  It's Easy     Cheyenne's rock         
  Cotton Eye Joe     Country Jive  
  Hooked on Country     Just a Girl                   
  Stealing The Best     Tennessee Mountain 
  Little Wagon Wheel     Springsteen
  Rain                 Big City Summertime
  Come To Dance     Lay Low
  Cheyenne's Rock     Hold
   Another Country              Dead Bird Hill         
  Redneckin'     Pot of Gold 
  Come to dance     We only live Once (Line)
  After     Dakota Jump
      The Bomp
      Happy, Happy, Happy

  Lindi Shuffle    Country Two Step    High Cotton            
  Heyday Tonight    Lookin'Good     Island in the stream
  Hurry up , slow Down    Leaving of Liverpool    The Gambler
  Beautiful Day     Fisher Hornpipe       CrossRoads           
  All About Woman     Celtic Na La               South Australia     
  Shore Thing     All  shook up     Whiskey's gone
  Hooked on Country    American Kids           Reflection
  Stealing The Best    A Devil in Disguise Skiffle Time
  Go cat Go     Askin' Questions   Here's to you            
  Livin on love    Good Times Girls       Truck Stop
  Small Rocky                 Celtic Connection   Countryfied Soul     
  My Everything              Better Times Something                 
  Redneckin'                 Andalouse   Hey O                        
  An Absolute Dream     Redneckin'                 
  Cheyenne     It's Over!                     
  Arizona Flower     Tag On                         
   Joana     Trinity  
   Baby Belle     Holy Cowgirl              
   Messed in Memphis     Homegrown               
   Country as can be    Little Kiss me Honey  
   It's Over       Like Coca Cola in Hollywood  
     Indian Sound  
  .../... Stay Tuned!  

Dernière mise à jour le 23/09/2015

 Chorés Partner   Chorés Celtiques  Pot Commun Régional

 Lindi Shuffle  Feels like Rock'N'Roll  Driven
 Go Cat Go  P3  Oh Susanna
 Heyday Tonight   Rock around the clock  Chill Factor
 Doo Dah  Friday Night   Backwards 
 Little Wagon Wheel  The Boat to Liverpool    Evergreen 
 Cowboy Charleston  Bad Things  Stretch your legs
 An Absolute Dream   Ready To Roll  Lost in me
 AB Whirl  Married   Amame
 Cotton Eyed Joe   Muntsa   Bonfire Heart
 Gin & Tonic   Raggle Taggle Gypsy O    Wild Card 
 All about a woman   Marti  Celtic Kittens 
 Stealing the best   Lips so close   Cripple Creek
 Marie    Billy's Dance   Billy's Dance 
 Joke   Cotton Pickin' Morning  Seven Drunken Nights  
 Arizona Flowers  Toes  The Outback
 Alligator Shuffle   2 Hell and Back  Buckaroo
 Country as can be  Wild Stallion  Kill the spiders
   Toes  Wonderland Waltz

 Lindi Shuffle  Rock Around The Clock  Bugle Boogie
 Bill's Basic  Not Enough  Respect
 Cowboy Charleston  Country 2 Step  Girls Gone Wild
 AB Whirl  Lover Please Come Back   Cry to me
 Go cat go  Perfect Day   Bosa Nova
 Cotton Eyed Joe   Bad Things  Driven
 Cowboy Madison  Wasted  Pot of Gold
 Cheyenne  Lookin' Good  The Gambler
 Dancin' Cowboy  Something in the water  Reflection  
 Arizona Flowers  Summer Fly   Feels like rock'n'roll
 Country as can be  Cadillacs and caviar  Duchess
 Winter's Apples   Tush Push  Imelda's way
 Hooked on Country  Imelda's way  The Blarney Roses 
 Ice Cream Freeze  Telepathy  Whiskey's gone 
  Western Barn Dance  Sweet Sweet Smile  Skiffle Time
  Window on the world  Me and You   Maverockin'
  Easy Come Easy Go  ...  ... 
  ...  Good to be us   Island in the stream
  Irish Stew   ...   Lookout
  ...  P 3   Alabama Slammin'

  Cotton Eyed Joe   Me & You   Addicted to love  Spirit
 Lindi Shuffle  Something in the water  Sweet Sweet Smile  1234
 Cowboy Charleston  Love Trick  Treat her right  Galway Girls 
 Cowboy Madison  Country 2 Step  Long Long Way  Cry to me
 Cut and strut  Darlin'   Amazing Grace  Show me wot u got
 La Chapelloise   Lookin'Good  Bomshell Stomp  Old Friend
 Country as can be  Mini Flûte   Get Reel   SWhiskey's Gone
 ...  Summer Fly   Power to love  G...
 Cotton Eyed Joe Mixer  Country Girl Shake  wave on wave  Footloose
 Go cat go  Leaving of Liverpool  Celtic Slide  Stretch your legs
 GBeautiful Day  GCotton Pickin' Morning  Got cat Go  Chill Factor 
 Stealing the Best   My new life  Irish Stew  Priority
 Hoocked on country  White Rose  Wise Guys  The Flûte 
 Shore Thing  Cadillacs and Caviar  All Shook Up  Ballymore Boys 
 Joana    Good Time Friday Night    ...
 Western Barn Dance     Toes  Hallelujah
     Jig About   Positively
     Rhyme or reason  Farm Dance
     Rockin' with the rythm  Clickety Clack
     Joana  Skiffle Time
     Doctor Doctor  

 Lindi Shuffle  Live Laugh & Love  Get Reel 
 Cab Driver  Sugar Kane  Rhyme or reason
 La Chapelloise   Rock around the clock  1-2-3-4
 Cowboy Charleston  Grundy Gallop  Askin'Question
 Shore Thing  My new life  Go Mama Go
 Country as can be  Wild Stallion  Me & You   
 Cowboy Madison  Country 2 Step  Kill the spiders
 Cut a rug  Tush Push  Madison Cboy Last Night
 Cucaracha  Leaving of Liverpool   Jig it up 
 Hoocked on country  Good Time  Island in the stream
  Cotton Eyed Joe
 Lover please come back   Make this day
 Beautiful day  One woman man  Billy's Dance 
  Easy Come Easy Go  Love Trick  Wonderland Waltz
 Cheyenne  Celtic CT   Mountain Mama
 El Paso   Cotton Pickin' Morning  Footloose
 One O One  Foxy Girl  Bosa Nova
 Me & You   Me & You   
 Stealing the best   Kid Rock Alabama  
 Chica Boom Boom  Home to Louisiana  
 Sugar Kane  Sweet Caballero   
 Lover Please Come Back  Summer Fly   
 Mountain Mama  Mountain Mama  
   Something in the water  



Novices Avancés *

Avancés *

 Cotton Eyed Joe  

 tush push ....
 rhyme or reason ....
 Cowboy strut
 wanna be elvis ....
 samba huh ....
 Cut a rug  red hot salsa ......  sally ann  ......
 Cucaracha  red hot salsa  ....  clickety clack ....
 Lindi Shuffle  rio ....  not fair ....
 Window on the world  leaving of liverpool ....  chica boom boom ....
 Ski Bumpus  rock around the clock ....  she's not....
 La Chapelloise   celtic CT  ....  respect ....
 Pick a ball  all shook up ......  askin' questions ....
 Chica Boom Boom  bare essentials ......  billy's dance  ....
 Louisiana strut  cabo san lucas ....  still in love ....
 Stealing the best   billy's dance  ....  western barn dance  ....
 cheyenne ....  country 2 step ....  apple jack country ....
 hoocked on country ....   western barn dance  ....  cry to me ......
 western barn dance  ....  toes ....  chill factor ....
 god blessed texas ....  action ....  gypsy  ....
 this & that ....  spirit ....  country roads ....
 jailhouse creole ....  mountain mamma ....  get reel ....
 mountain mamma ....  wave on wave ....  mountain mamma ....
 a touch of rumba ....  beer for my horses ....  kill the spider ......
     stretch you legs....



Novices Avancés *

 cowboy strut ..  easy does it ..  black horse ..
 cotton eyed joe  ..  beer for my horses..  jff (just for fun) ..
 electric slide ..  bare essentials ..  cliché ..
 window on the world ..  celtic ct ..  deck 51 ..
 first cha ..  rio ..  river county stomp ..
 cucaracha ..  lover please come back   ..  roomba ..
 skee bumpus ..  country two step ..  wanna be me ..
 cut a rug ..  jambalaya ..  not like that ..
 get down the fiddle ..  turn it up..   ..jambalaya express
 love trick ..  macca mambo..  caught in the act ..
 western barn dance  ..  ..dancing violins  warriors ..
 louisiana strut ..  rock around the clock ..  all day long ..
 duck soup ..  all shook up ..  black betty..
 easy come easy go ..  spirit ..  the world ..
 walk of life  ..  do wop be doo be doo  priority ..
 broken stone..  Live laugh and love....  still in love..
 crawfish and pie..  Mexican Vacation..  a gigolo..
 sunny day ..  Celtic connection..  Good Time..
 cheyenne ..    Galway girls..
 clap your hands ..    Cry to me..
 god blessed texas..    She's not..
 O² Step ..    Cannibal stomp..
 DHSS..    Doctor Doctor..
 Boot Scootin' Boogie..    Bomshell stomp..
 Stealing the best..    
 Irish stew..    

texas waltz , cotton eyed joe mixer , jambalaya express, rumba stroll




 La Chapelloise 

 Leaving of Liverpool  The Right To Remain Silent

 cowboy strut ..

 wishfull thinking..  cripple creek..

 cucaracha ..

 the spirit ..

 bomshel stomp ..

 cotton eyed joe  ..

 jambalaya ..

 pot of gold  ..

 celtic slide   ..

 western barn dance..

 old friend ..

 i want to sing..

 jungle freak ..

 Zjozzy's Funk ..

 god blessed texas ..

 good time ..

 kill the spider ..

 cowboy boogie ..

 i want to sing..

 island in the stream ..

 stealing the best  ..

 wave on wave ..

 ballymore boys ..

 easy come easy go ..

 sweet sweet smile ..

 fais dodo ..

 irish stew  ..

 baddaboom, baddabang..

 she's not (frankie)..

 jailhouse creole ..

 kid rock alabama..

 doctor, doctor ..

 hooked on country ..

 texas waltz..

 cowboy up !..

 cheyenne ..

 burning love..

 razor sharp  ..

 unlock my heart..

 addicted to love..  irish spirit  ..

 window on the world (frankie)..

 bossa nova ..  celtic tribute..

 coastin  ..

 country two step ..


 western barn dance..

 celtic connection ..

 the world..

 good time ..  make it up..

 clickety clack ..

 boots..  rindin' ..  show me wot u got ..
 tush push ..  tailgate ..  celtic kittens ..
   cowboy ..  jff (just for fun)..
   crazy foot mambo ..  stretch your legs..
   come and dance with me..  duelling dancers ..
   dancing violins  ..  cherry poppin' ..
   2 hell and back ..  drowsy maggie  ..
   beer for my horses..  
   tequila ..  
   fisher's hornpipe  ..  
   your place or mine..  
   redneck woman ..  
   the trail..  
   paddy's reel ..  
   billy's dance ..  
   wild stallion ..  
   duelling dancers..  
   devil in disguise..  
   all shook up ..  




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